Strategic Services & Healthcare Marketing

In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, focus and direction are paramount. Healthcare leadership is challenged with the task of keeping their organization on course in order to remain viable, relevant, and competitive in the marketplace.

Our team of healthcare marketing professionals utilizes a myriad of tools and data driven resources to derive the information and perspective necessary to effectively:

  • Identify critical points of differentiation and exploit competitive advantages
  • Position the brand in the market
  • Isolate and maximize market opportunities
  • Tailor a comprehensive sustainable strategy
  • Develop business plans and related yearly marketing plans
  • Establish the metrics to measure success and make suitable course corrections

Our expert Strategic Healthcare Marketing services include:

  • Strategic planning and organizational roadmaps
  • Business Development and Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Gap Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies
  • Referral source development
  • Forging strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Electronic Healthcare Marketing Platforms:
    • Website development and management
    • Social media development and marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Mobile technology solutions

Health Information Technology (HIT) Solutions

We offer a range of services for healthcare organizations to improve efficiency, streamline processes and decrease cost. Our experienced consultants will assist your organization with your HIT needs and are able to work with your executive team and IT department to ensure your success.
  • Technology strategy
  • EMR selection
  • EMR training & implementation
  • Enterprise networking and IT security integration

International Healthcare Services

Globalization has affected every aspect of our lives. Exegete executives can assist your organization achieve its goals of entering and competing effectively in the global marketplace. Whether your intent is to establish a healthcare organization in a different country, establish linkages with foreign and domestic healthcare partners or maximize alternative revenue streams by attracting health travelers via a medical tourism strategy Exegete offers innovative and industry setting solutions.

Our experienced team and robust network can guide your entry into the international arena in the following areas:

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans
  • International Market Opportunity Assessments
  • International Patient Program Development
  • Medical Tourism Program Development
  • International Payer Network Development
  • Air Ambulance Program Development

Hispanic/LatinX Healthcare Marketing

Clients at times require solutions that require a high degree of cultural competency. The Exegete team has successfully contributed to specialized projects requiring a diverse cultural perspective and foreign language skills.

Exegete’s executive team is comprised of Spanish speaking Hispanic professionals who can appreciate the nuances involved in effectively marketing and catering to the unique needs of diverse Hispanic/LatinX communities. Healthcare providers looking to effectively position themselves with Hispanic referral sources or patient populations must demonstrate a commitment to understanding the culture which includes the commonalities and differences among Hispanics. Allow us to develop culturally sensitive strategies at inception to avoid potential missteps and maximize their effectiveness.

Exegete’s Hispanic/LatinX Healthcare Marketing solutions include:

  • Hispanic referral source development
  • Hispanic patient outreach
  • Cultural competency training
  • Culturally appropriate messaging
  • Medical translation services
  • Patient education materials
  • Health and Wellness Program Development

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